Kathy M. Carbonell

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THE “SPECIALNESS” OF SPEECH As is apparent from reading the first line of nearly any research or review article on speech, the task of perceiving speech sounds is complex and the ease with which humans acquire, produce and perceive these sounds is remarkable. Despite the growing appreciation for the complexity of the perception of music, speech perception(More)
The neuroleptic drug levomepromazine (1, previously known as methotrimeprazine) is photolabile under UV-A and UV-B light in aerobic conditions. Irradiation of a methanol solution of this drug produces one photoproduct, resulting from the oxidation of 1 to its sulfoxide parent. It is demonstrated that photodegradation occurs via type II mechanism involving(More)
OBJECTIVES/HYPOTHESIS Sources of vocal tremor are difficult to categorize perceptually and acoustically. This article describes a preliminary attempt to discriminate vocal tremor sources through the use of spectral measures of the amplitude envelope. The hypothesis is that different vocal tremor sources are associated with distinct patterns of acoustic(More)
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