Kathy Crowder

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Synaptic vesicle protein 2 (SV2) is a membrane glycoprotein common to all synaptic and endocrine vesicles. Unlike many proteins involved in synaptic exocytosis, SV2 has no homolog in yeast, indicating that it performs a function unique to secretion in higher eukaryotes. Although the structure and protein interactions of SV2 suggest multiple possible(More)
Molecular biology and genomic sciences are revealing the early biological signatures for many diseases. In response, the Molecular Imaging community is rapidly developing contrast agents to visualize the nascent pathological changes and to concomitantly deliver treatment directly to the site of disease. The evaluation, development and use of these new(More)
Nurse practitioners need an evidence-based framework for monitoring clients on phenytoin (Dilantin) therapy. A Med-line search of published literature and a synthesis of 10 years of research was performed. The effect of phenytoin within the body is dependent on the amount of serum albumin and the functional status of the major organs in the body. The basic(More)
To define the impact of age on microscopic structural remodeling after myocardial infarction, the physical properties of infarct scar tissue and viable remote zone tissues in young (3 months) and older adult (18 months) Fischer rats were quantified with the use of high-frequency (50 MHz) high-resolution acoustic microscopy 3 months after coronary artery(More)
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