Kathy A Vernon

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Injection drug use plays a critical role in the spread of HIV/AIDS, with an estimated 19,000 drug users infected each year. Counselling and testing services can be an important gateway for engaging HIV-infected individuals into medical care and can positively influence the preventive behaviours of IDUs. This study seeks to document and understand the(More)
PURPOSE The study sought to understand the HIV testing patterns of low-income drug users. METHODS Sixty-seven low-income drug users were recruited from street outreach venues in three San Francisco Bay Area counties. Participants were interviewed using an open-ended questionnaire eliciting information on HIV testing histories, sexual behavior, and drug(More)
A qualitative study was conducted with 28 men and women in HIV-serodiscordant couples to explore the management of HIV in their relationship. Content analysis of the interviews revealed the role of serostatus and stigma in shaping partners' experience of HIV, sex and risk. Partners' differing serostatus often created feelings of alienation within the(More)
Augmented cardiovascular responses to acute stress can predict cardiovascular disease in humans. Chronic systemic increases in glucocorticoids produce enhanced cardiovascular responses to psychological stress; however, the site of action is unknown. Recent evidence indicates that glucocorticoids can act within the dorsal hindbrain to modulate cardiovascular(More)
An adverse intrauterine environment can increase the incidence of hypertension and other cardiovascular disease risk factors. However, in clinical and experimental studies the magnitude of the effect is variable. Possibly, the relative influence of the prenatal environment on cardiovascular disease is determined in part by genetic factors that predispose(More)
Descriptive, qualitative data was collected from 30 women who participated in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-funded Perinatal HIV Reduction and Education Demonstration Activities (PHREDA) Project. Women were primarily heterosexual, welfare-dependent, African-American mothers. Staff trained women to conduct HIV/STD education as peer(More)
The use of illicit drugs plays a critical role in the spread of HIV, with approximately one-half of all new HIV infections in the United States attributed to this mode of transmission. There is a renewed emphasis on developing special HIV counseling and testing (C&T) programs for drug users. We conducted a qualitative study of C&T providers to identify(More)
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