Kathryn Zeitz

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Gaining an understanding of crowd behavior is important in supporting timely and appropriate crowd management principles in the planning and provision of emergency services at mass gatherings. This paper provides a review of the current understanding of the psychological factors of a crowd within the psychosocial domain as they apply to mass-gathering(More)
INTRODUCTION St John Ambulance Operations Branch Volunteers have been providing first-aid services at the Royal Adelaide Show for 90 years. The project arose from a need to more accurately predict the workload for first-aid providers at mass gathering events. A formal analysis of workload patterns and the determinants of workload had not been performed. (More)
INTRODUCTION Public safety at mass gatherings is the responsibility of multiple agencies. Injury surveillance and inter-agency communication are pivotal to ensure continued public safety. OBJECTIVES The principal objective of this pilot study was to improve the identification of trends and patterns of injury presentations at mass gatherings. This was(More)
A unique application of regression modeling is described to compare hospital bed occupancy with reported severe adverse events amongst inpatients. The probabilities of the occurrence of adverse events as a function of hospital occupancy are calculated using logistic and multinomial regression models. All models indicate that higher occupancy rates lead to(More)
INTRODUCTION Research on skill acquisition and retention in the prehospital setting has focused primarily on resuscitation and defibrillation. Investigation into other first aid skills is required in order to validate practices and support training regimes. No studies have investigated competency using an extrication cervical collar for cervical spine(More)
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