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Brain development requires correct targeting of multiple thousand synaptic terminals onto staggeringly complex dendritic arbors. The mechanisms by which input synapse numbers are matched to dendrite size, and by which synaptic inputs from different transmitter systems are correctly partitioned onto a postsynaptic arbor, are incompletely understood. By(More)
As the health care system transitions to a precision medicine approach that tailors clinical care to the genetic profile of the individual patient, there is a potential tension between the clinical uptake of new technologies by providers and the legal system's expectation of the standard of care in applying such technologies. We examine this tension by(More)
For many animals, maintaining a specific range of temperatures during offspring development is critical for the survival of the young. While this is most studied in birds and mammals, some insects regulate nest temperatures to create an ideal environment for larval development. Here, we explore the thermoregulatory fanning behavior in honeybees performed to(More)
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