Kathryn S Hahn

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The DO Collaboration reports on a search for the standard model top quark in pp collisions at +s = 1.8 TeV at the Fermilab Tevatron with an integrated luminosity of approximately 50 pb '. We have searched for tt production in the dilepton and single-lepton decay channels with and without tagging of b-quark jets. We observed 17 events with an expected(More)
While some individuals develop PTSD subsequent to traumatic experiences, many individuals resume prior functioning naturally. Diathesis-stress models suggest that stable individual differences present in individuals prior to trauma may serve as vulnerability factors to symptom development. The high levels of comorbidity and symptom similarity suggest that(More)
A growing body of literature suggests that worry is a cognitive activity functioning to avoid unpleasant internal experiences such as negative thoughts, emotions, and somatic responses. Given the highly aversive internal events associated with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), individuals experiencing PTSD symptoms following exposure to a traumatic(More)
The current study represents the first examination of covariation biases in contamination fear. Using an undergraduate sample we examined covariation bias for specific emotion outcomes (fear specific and disgust specific) associated with contamination stimuli in high contamination fear (HCF; n=32) and low contamination fear (LCF; n=30) individuals.(More)