Kathryn Rose

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BACKGROUND To investigate the hypothesis that intrauterine growth restriction might produce a longstanding pro-inflammatory tendency, we investigated the association of low birth weight with blood levels of markers of inflammation and endothelial activation in middle-aged adults. METHODS The ARIC Study enrolled subjects aged 45-64 years sampled from four(More)
Die ambulanten Schulungen Obeldicks (für acht- bis16-jährige adipöse Kinder; Schulungsdauer ein Jahr), Obeldicks Light (für acht- bis 16-jährige übergewichtige Kinder; Schulungsdauer sechs Monate) und Obeldicks Mini (für vier- bis siebenjährige adipöse Kinder; Schulungsdauer ein Jahr) basieren auf einer Ernährungs-, Verhaltens- und Bewegungstherapie sowie(More)
BACKGROUND This study investigates the relationship between neighbourhood characteristics and mortality (all-cause, cardiovascular disease [CVD], and cancer) in the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities Study (ARIC). METHODS Analysis was limited to African-American and white participants 45-64 years of age at baseline whose records were linked to census(More)
To characterize effects of V1- and V2-receptor stimulation on renal function, eight conscious mongrel female dogs were studied in four separate studies greater than or equal to 2 wk apart during the following six consecutive 20-min periods: 1) intrarenal administration of the full V1/V2-receptor antagonist SKF 105494 (100 ng.kg-1.min-1) during basal(More)
BACKGROUND Birth weight has been found to be inversely associated with the risk of coronary heart disease and stroke, although the mechanisms for this association remain unclear. Here, we investigate the relation between reported birth weight and atherosclerosis in middle age. METHODS We included the 9817 participants (age 44-65) in the Atherosclerosis(More)
The physiological relationship of increased circulating angiotensin II and vasopressin to circulatory changes during combined hypoxemia and hypercapnic acidosis is unclear. To evaluate the role(s) of angiotensin II and vasopressin, seven unanesthetized female mongrel dogs with controlled sodium intake (80 meq/24 h X 4 d) were studied during 40 min of(More)
BACKGROUND Interprofessional education (IPE) is crucial in fostering effective collaboration and optimal team-based patient care, all of which improve patient care and outcomes. Appropriate interprofessional communication is especially important in geriatrics where patients are vulnerable to adverse effects across the care continuum. Transitions in(More)
Whereas dyslipidemia has been associated with leukocytosis, the relationship between serum cholesterol and other hematopoietic lineages is poorly defined. Erythrocytes and platelets, anucleate cells relegated to nonspecific diffusional exchange of cholesterol with serum, have been proposed to have a distinct relationship to cholesterol from leukocytes. We(More)