Kathryn Rieger

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Schizophrenia patients show abnormalities in a broad range of task demands. Therefore, an explanation common to all these abnormalities has to be sought independently of any particular task, ideally in the brain dynamics before a task takes place or during resting state. For the neurobiological investigation of such baseline states, EEG microstate analysis(More)
In the development of implantable medical devices, effective sterilization is an essential design element. This article outlines how broad-spectrum pulsed light (BSPL) has been implemented to sterilize a novel, implantable medical device. Components of the device have properties incompatible with most sterilization techniques. The unique characteristics of(More)
Spontaneous EEG signal can be parsed into sub-second periods of stable functional states (microstates) that assumingly correspond to brief large scale synchronization events. In schizophrenia, a specific class of microstate (class “D”) has been found to be shorter than in healthy controls and to be correlated with positive symptoms. To explore potential new(More)
Neurofeedback is becoming increasingly sophisticated and widespread, although predictors of successful performance still remain scarce. Here, we explored the possible predictive value of psychological factors and report the results obtained from a neurofeedback training study designed to enhance the self-regulation of spontaneous EEG microstates of a(More)
Previous studies showed a global reduction of the event-related potential component N100 in patients with schizophrenia, a phenomenon that is even more pronounced during auditory verbal hallucinations. This reduction assumingly results from dysfunctional activation of the primary auditory cortex by inner speech, which reduces its responsiveness to external(More)
Patients with schizophrenia show abnormal dynamics and structure of temporally -coherent networks (TCNs) assessed using fMRI, which undergo adaptive shifts in preparation for a cognitively demanding task. During working memory (WM) tasks, patients with schizophrenia show persistent deficits in TCNs as well as EEG indices of WM. Studying their temporal(More)
The maintenance care of periodontal treated patients is the necessary prerequisite for the individual long-life tooth preservation. The recall interval derives from the recidivity, the compliance of the patient, and from the individual disposition. The use of a self-developed data-bank-system relieve evaluation and processing of the extensive data which(More)
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