Kathryn R. Stam

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Many information security specialists believe that promoting good end user behaviors and constraining bad end user behaviors provide one important method for making information security effective within organizations. Because of the important of end user security-related behaviors, having a systematic viewpoint on the different kinds of behavior that end(More)
Information security is a multibillion-dollar problem faced by commercial and government organizations around the world. Through their adverse effects on organizational information systems, malware, hackers, and malicious insiders jeopardize organizations’ capabilities to pursue their missions effectively. Although technology-based solutions help to(More)
Information Technology (IT) facilitates the effective functioning of most organizations. Individuals who support IT are an important facet to an organization. In the present study, we interviewed these individuals as well as other employees to identify their responsibilities, intra-group and inter-group communication. We used Trice's occupational subculture(More)
Several new lines of research have begun to focus on a sociotechnical approach to information security by simultaneously considering the behavioral and managerial elements of security together with the technical aspects. In this paper, we examine the influence of organizational commitment on some aspects of security behavior in organizations.
As organizations' reliance on information technology (IT) continues to grow, the information technology personnel who support end users play an increasingly important role in the proper functioning of those organizations. In the present study, we interviewed information technology personnel (N=32) as well as other employees (N=89) to examine their(More)
Results of an exploratory research project elaborating the contexts, patterns and specific scenarios of the commercial sexual activity of northeastern Thai men are reported. Data were collected using face-to-face surveys, focus groups, key informant interviews and observations in 32 northeastern villages (n = 744 men), 18 migrant labour camps housing(More)
Purpose – The purpose of this article is to understand the relationship between emotional salience and workplace events related to technology change by using a combination of key features of two popular psychological theories – regulatory focus theory and affective events theory – to view the change process in diverse settings. Design/methodology/approach –(More)
The efficiency of evaporative cooling, which is used for the creation of a Bose-Einstein condensate, depends strongly on the number of particles at the start of the evaporation. A high efficiency can be reached by filling the magneto-optical trap with a large number of atoms and subsequently transferring these atoms to the magnetic trap as efficiently as(More)
Thermally activated surface diffusion has a strong influence on structure widths in atom lithography. We investigate the effects of two barriers to thermally activated atomic diffusion on atom lithography: a thermally activated Ehrlich–Schwoebel ~ES! barrier, and pollution from the residual gas in the vacuum system. We performed kinetic Monte Carlo(More)