Kathryn Patrick

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BACKGROUND/AIMS Ultrasound is a valuable technique in dermatological assessment as it is non-invasive. This is particularly attractive for monitoring and evaluating wound healing. However, there is a limited literature on the use of ultrasound in monitoring wound healing. METHODS In this study, the structures of skin (human and porcine) and healing wounds(More)
BACKGROUND Overactive Bladder Syndrome (OAB) is defined as urgency, with or without urgency incontinence, usually with frequency and nocturia. Pharmacotherapy with anticholinergic drugs is often the first line medical therapy, either alone or as an adjunct to various non-pharmacological therapies. The commonest non-pharmacologic therapies are: bladder(More)
OBJECTIVE To review the clinical and molecular-genetic characteristics of 34 children who were referred to the clinical genetics department with a presenting diagnosis of definite or suspected velopharyngeal insufficiency (VPI, defined as the inability to close off the nasal from the oral cavity during speech) or hyponasal/hypernasal speech. All the(More)
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