Kathryn O'Grady

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We trained budgerigars by operant conditioning to discriminate among a set of contact calls in a same-different task and analyzed response latencies from this task by using multidimensional-scaling (MDS) and cluster-analysis procedures. Humans listened to the same calls and indicated the similarity between pairs of calls by a direct rating procedure. An MDS(More)
For polycrystalline NiFe/FeMn bilayers, we have observed and quantified the rotation of the pinning direction in the exchange bias training and recovery effects. During consecutive hysteresis loops, the rotation of the pinning direction strongly depends on the magnetization reversal mechanism of the ferromagnet layer. The interfacial uncompensated magnetic(More)
PURPOSE To create a Varian TrueBeam 6 MV FFF Monte Carlo model using BEAMnrc/EGSnrc that accurately reproduces the Varian representative dataset, followed by tuning the model's source parameters to accurately reproduce in-house measurements. METHODS A BEAMnrc TrueBeam model for 6 MV FFF has been created by modifying a validated 6 MV Varian CL21EX model.(More)
The exchange bias field has been measured in a set of Co-Cr2O3 nanocomposites in order to distinguish between the bulk and interfacial contributions to H(ex). The studies were carried out on a set of samples prepared by the sol gel technique in which the Co concentration was varied between 30 and 80 wt%. The particle sizes in all samples were carefully(More)
Blooms ofChrysochromulina breviturrita Nich. (Prymnesiophyceae) have been found to be restricted to lakes above pH 5.5 even though the alga is able to tolerate pH 4.0 in laboratory culture. A possible explanation is the increased transparency in acidifying lakes and a sensitivity ofC. breviturrita to high light intensities. A comparison was made(More)
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