Kathryn Noth Tomasino

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BACKGROUND Treatments for depression and anxiety have several behavioral and psychological targets and rely on varied strategies. Digital mental health treatments often employ feature-rich approaches addressing several targets and strategies. These treatments, often optimized for desktop computer use, are at odds with the ways people use smartphone(More)
BACKGROUND Digital mental health tools have tended to use psychoeducational strategies based on treatment orientations developed and validated outside of digital health. These features do not map well to the brief but frequent ways that people use mobile phones and mobile phone apps today. To address these challenges, we developed a suite of apps for(More)
BACKGROUND Depression during adolescence is common but can be prevented. Behavioral intervention technologies (BITs) designed to prevent depression in adolescence, especially standalone web-based interventions, have shown mixed outcomes, likely due to poor intervention adherence. BIT research involving adults has shown that the presence of coaches or peers(More)
BACKGROUND There is an ongoing need for effective and accessible preventive interventions for adolescent depression and substance abuse. This paper reports on a field trial of an online indicated preventive intervention, ProjectTECH, which is based on cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques. The study aims to gather information about the feasibility(More)
OBJECTIVE This pilot study evaluated the feasibility and efficacy of two methods of delivering a cognitive behaviorally informed Internet intervention for depression for adults 65 years and older. METHODS Forty-seven participants were enrolled and assigned to receive one of two versions of the Internet intervention, either delivered individually (III) or(More)
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