Kathryn N. Rankin

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We present a binding free energy function that consists of force field terms supplemented by solvation terms. We used this function to calibrate the solvation model along with the binding interaction terms in a self-consistent manner. The motivation for this approach was that the solute dielectric-constant dependence of calculated hydration gas-to-water(More)
Using molecular mechanics force field partial atomic charges, we show the nonuniqueness of the parametrization of continuum electrostatics models with respect to solute atomic radii and interior dielectric constant based on hydration (vacuum-to-water transfer) free energy data available for small molecules. Moreover, parameter sets that are optimal and(More)
Pseudomonas fluorescens strain KU-7 is a prototype microorganism that metabolizes 2-nitrobenzoate (2-NBA) via the formation of 3-hydroxyanthranilate (3-HAA), a known antioxidant and reductant. The initial two steps leading to the sequential formation of 2-hydroxy/aminobenzoate and 3-HAA are catalyzed by a NADPH-dependent 2-NBA nitroreductase (NbaA) and(More)
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