Kathryn Morton

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This paper describes work in which subharmonic emissions from ultrasonically irradiated biological samples are integrated over time, and the resultant signal (which is believed to be indicative of cavitation activity) is found to correlate well with the extent of cellular damage. Specifically, three studies have been carried out, in which the subharmonic(More)
Hydrogels, polymers and various other composite materials may be used insensing applications in which the swelling or de-swelling of the material in response tosome analyte is converted via a transducer to a measurable signal. In this paper, we analyzemodels used to predict the swelling behavior of hydrogels that may be used in applicationsrelated to(More)
Suspensions of V79 cells have been irradiated with 1 MHz ultrasound at spatial average intensities up to 0.25 W cm-2. The effects seen are described in this paper. Acoustic emissions at the first subharmonic of the drive frequency (0.5 MHz) were monitored during irradiation. Subharmonic emission is characteristic of cavitation activity within the sample. A(More)
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