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Bronchial transection and devascularization is necessary in the course of sleeve resection or lung transplantation, leaving distal bronchial segments ischemic and subject to stricture or dehiscence. Thirty mongrel dogs underwent left lung autotransplantation. The bronchial anastomosis was wrapped with omentum (n = 9), intercostal muscle pedicle (n = 9), or(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to investigate the effectiveness of a short-term resilience intervention as measured by the Resilience at Work (RAW) scale. METHODS A 5-week resilience program was implemented with 28 volunteers and assessed by the 20-item RAW scale. The scale was administered electronically and participants were match paired into(More)
We have observed, for the first time, magnetic excitations in a single crystal of thulium, using inelastic neutron spectroscopy. In the ferrimagnetic phase three modes with energies around 4 meV, 8 meV and 15 meV were clearly seen. We have considered our results in terms of crystal field level schemes for thulium. The rare earth metal thulium (hcp,(More)
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