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This paper presents an infrastructure for developing problem-based pervasive learning environments. Building such environments necessitates having many autonomous components dealing with various tasks and heterogeneous distributed resources. Our proposed infrastructure is based on a multi-agent system architecture to integrate various components of the(More)
Given the prevalence of mobile devices in everyday life and recent interest in using mobiles in education, it is critical to understand teachers' perspectives regarding mobile technology and its possible integration in their teaching. Therefore a small scale study (n=42) was conducted on a group of tertiary educators from around NZ in order to provide an(More)
How well do discussion forums perform when viewed on a mobile device? This paper assesses the effectiveness of discussion forums and how well these forums performed when viewed on four different mobile devices. The paper focuses on how the device influences the interaction with the discussion board. The guiding questions are: • What functionality or typical(More)
Many university courses use electronic discussion boards to support student collaboration and learning. The purpose of this research is to compare the attitudes of distance education and on-campus students in the use of an electronic discussion board. Two groups of students – one group situated on campus and the second taking the course at a distance –(More)
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