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Playing With Fire: The Science of Confronting Adverse Material in Legal Advocacy
For a long time, practitioners and scholars have debated whether volunteering negative information in legal advocacy is strategically advisable. Many advocates consider disclosure of information thatExpand
Gender and Legal Writing: Law School's Dirty Little Secrets
While great strides have been made by legal writing professors in the past two decades, many law schools - perhaps most accurately, many law school deans - try to avoid the investments needed toExpand
[89WashLRev0901] This Is Your Sword: How Damaging Are Prior Convictions to Plaintiffs in Civil Trials?
The conventional wisdom in law is that a prior conviction is one of the most powerful and damaging pieces of evidence that can be offered against a witness or party. In the legal lore, priorExpand
The Trap of Attack
Dealing with Hate in the Feminist Classroom: Re-Thinking the Balance
This article addresses the conflict between free speech and educational rights through the lens of the author's experience dealing with intentionally disruptive hate speech in a seminar entitled LawExpand