Kathryn M Pietrosimone

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Grating-coupled surface plasmon resonance imaging (GCSPRI) utilizes an optical diffraction grating embossed on a gold-coated sensor chip to couple collimated incident light into surface plasmons. The angle at which this coupling occurs is sensitive to the capture of analyte at the chip surface. This approach permits the use of disposable biosensor chips(More)
Cellular movement in response to external stimuli is fundamental to many cellular processes including wound healing, inflammation and the response to infection. A common method to measure chemotaxis is the Boyden chamber assay, in which cells and chemoattractant are separated by a porous membrane. As cells migrate through the membrane toward the(More)
Neutrophils are granulocytic cytotoxic leukocytes of the innate immune system that activate during acute inflammation. Neutrophils can also persist beyond the acute phase of inflammation to impact the adaptive immune response during chronic inflammation. In the context of the autoimmune disease, neutrophils modulating T and B cell functions by producing(More)
Dysregulated cell movement can lead to developmental abnormalities, neoplasia, and immune system disorders, and there are a variety of contexts in which xenobiotics (and biologic) effects on this movement are of interest. Many toxins and toxicants have been shown to disrupt controlled cell movement. Identification of compounds that affect cell movement is(More)
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