Kathryn M. McKenney

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The migration of working-aged men from Mexico to the United States fractures the family-centered support structures typical of Latin America and contributes to high levels of depression in women left behind in migratory sending communities in Mexico. Mujeres en Solidaridad Apoyandose (MESA) was developed to improve depression in women through social support(More)
CONTEXT Breastfeeding duration and exclusivity among Latinas fall below recommended levels, indicating a need for targeted interventions. The effectiveness of clinical breastfeeding interventions for Latinas remains unclear. OBJECTIVE To systematically review the documented effectiveness of clinical breastfeeding interventions on any and exclusive(More)
Patient navigation is a patient-centered intervention that uses trained personnel to identify patient-level barriers, including financial, cultural, logistical, and educational obstacles to health care and then mitigate these barriers to facilitate complete and timely access to health services. For example, to assist a woman with Medicaid who is seeking(More)
BACKGROUND Postpartum depression (PPD), often comorbid with anxiety, is the leading medical complication among new mothers. Latinas have elevated risk of PPD, which has been associated with early breastfeeding cessation. Lower plasma oxytocin (OT) levels have also been associated with PPD in non-Latinas. This pilot study explores associations between PPD,(More)
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