Kathryn M. Kampmueller

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Rationale. Behavioral sensitization has been accorded a central role in contemporary theories of drug addiction. Accordingly, a substantial effort has been made to determine the processes mediating sensitization to psychostimulants. However, few studies have examined the mechanisms underlying sensitization to ethanol. Objectives. Experiments were conducted(More)
Behavioral sensitization has been proposed to play an important role in addiction. Elucidation of the neural processes mediating sensitization may therefore lead to the development of new pharmacotherapeutic treatments. A large number of studies have examined sensitization to psychostimulants and morphine. In contrast, despite the prevalence of alcoholism,(More)
The assembly of viral RNA replication complexes on intracellular membranes represents a critical step in the life cycle of positive-strand RNA viruses. We investigated the role of the cellular chaperone heat shock protein 90 (Hsp90) in viral RNA replication complex assembly and function using Flock House virus (FHV), an alphanodavirus whose RNA-dependent(More)
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