Kathryn M. Herring

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A longitudinal double-blind study was conducted to determine the effect of sock fiber composition on the frequency and size of blistering events in long-distance runners. Thirty-five long-distance runners participated in this study. Two different socks were tested, which were identical in every aspect of construction except fiber composition. One test sock(More)
A longitudinal single-blind study was conducted to test the friction blister prevention properties of synthetic acrylic socks in a generic construction. This study serves as a comparison with the authors' previous work comparing acrylic and cotton socks in a patented padded construction. Twenty-seven long-distance runners provided data regarding dampness,(More)
  • K M Herring
  • 1993
A preliminary study examined the independent association of lower extremity limb dominance to running injuries. For the purposes of this study, limb dominance was recognized as an individual's ability to perform a specific skill test with greater accuracy, speed, and agility with one limb rather than the contralateral limb. Three limb dominance tests were(More)
The purpose of this project was to develop a streamlined upper extremity examination to be used in a company-based upper extremity CTD management program. Thirty-six symptomatic employees were examined by an occupational health nurse and categorized into those requiring further medical evaluation or those appropriate for conservative management. Backward(More)
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