Kathryn Link

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In the context of inverse or parameter estimation problems we demonstrate the use of statistically based model comparison tests in several examples of practical interest. In these examples we are interested in questions related to information content of a particular given data set and whether the data will support a more complicated model to describe it. In(More)
In the electricity market of today, with increasing demand for electricity production on short notice, the combined cycle power plant stands high regarding fast start-ups and efficiency. In this paper, it has been shown how the dynamic start-up procedure of a combined cycle power plant can be optimized using direct collocation methods, proposing a way to(More)
Continuous time Markov chains are often used in the literature to model the dynamics of a system with low species count and uncertainty in transitions. In this paper , we investigate three particular algorithms that can be used to numerically simulate continuous time Markov chain models (a stochastic simulation algorithm, explicit and implicit tau-leaping(More)
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