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Pollen tube growth is a polarized growth process whereby the tip-growing tubes elongate within the female reproductive tissues to deliver sperm cells to the ovules for fertilization. Efficient and regulated membrane trafficking activity incorporates membrane and deposits cell wall molecules at the tube apex and is believed to underlie rapid and focused(More)
Infection with the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum leads to widely different clinical conditions in children, ranging from mild flu-like symptoms to coma and death. Despite the immense medical implications, the genetic and molecular basis of this diversity remains largely unknown. Studies of in vitro gene expression have found few transcriptional(More)
Rac-like GTPases or Rho-related GTPases from plants (RAC/ROPs) are important components of hormone signalling pathways in plants. Based on phylogeny, several groups can be distinguished, and the underlying premise is that members of different groups perform distinct functions in the plant. AtRAC7/ROP9 is phylogenetically unique among 11 Arabidopsis(More)
References [1] Z. Bozdech and H. Ginsburg. Antioxidant defense in Plasmodium falci-parum-data mining of the transcriptome. Expression profiling of the schizont and trophozoite stages of Plasmod-ium falciparum with a long-oligonucleotide microarray. Distinct physiological states of plas-modium falciparum in malaria-infected patients. Identification of(More)
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