Kathryn L. Trebilcock

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Tape stripping is a useful technique to assess the distribution and amount of chemical in the stratum corneum (SC). The aim of this work was to develop an in vitro model that could be used to predict the results of in vivo skin stripping. Tape stripping experiments were carried out in vivo with the lipophilic penetrant fluazifop-butyl (FB) as part of a(More)
We studied the effects of three vehicles (propylene glycol, octanol and ethyl decanoate) with differing polarity on the in vitro percutaneous absorption of three chemicals (fluazifop-butyl, dimethyl phthalate and fomesafen sodium salt) with a range of physico-chemical properties. Absorption rate measurements were made from high vehicle volume (200 µl/cm2)(More)
One important factor which may influence the extent and rate of percutaneous absorption is the dosing vehicle. The purpose of the experiments described was to compare the effect of dosing vehicles of different polarities on the absorption of two herbicides across rat skin in vivo. Rats were dosed dermally with either fluazifop-butyl (logP(oct) 4.5) or(More)
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