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We develop an image-driven approach to the question of what makes the shape of a woman's body attractive. We constructed a set of 625 images of female bodies by factorially recombining four independent descriptors of shape derived from a principal components analysis of the variation in natural body shape, and had observers rate these images for(More)
—There is renewed interest in the use of non-Foster circuit elements in a variety of important applications such as wideband impedance matching and artificial magnetic conductors. Although non-Foster devices such as negative capacitors and negative inductors can be realized using current conveyors and Linvill circuits, a digital design approach may offer an(More)
—Digital discrete-time implementations of non-Foster circuit elements offer an alternative to conventional analog circuit approaches. In particular, the design of a discrete-time negative capacitor is investigated, since such non-Foster circuit elements offer significant potential in wideband antenna, metamaterial, and artificial magnetic conductor(More)
— Current conveyors can be used as building blocks for implementing non-Foster circuits such as negative capacitors and negative inductors that are useful in extending bandwidth in metamaterials. In the present paper, measured results are presented for a prototype integrated circuit current conveyor negative capacitor. This circuit has been fabricated in a(More)
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