Kathryn L Morrissey

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Microalgae-derived biofuels have potential advantages over other renewable, crop-based resources; however, large-scale production is not currently economical due, in part, to challenges in the harvesting step. In this article, we present a novel approach for the dewatering and harvesting of microalgae using flocculants that can be recovered and recycled.(More)
UNLABELLED The efficient concentration and separation of microorganisms from dilute culture suspensions is crucial to the success and productivity of many biotechnological processes. This article presents the design and characterization of polyamphoteric flocculants with a tunable, zwitterionic character for the enhanced separation of biocolloidal(More)
Chronic, non-healing wounds contribute significantly to the suffering of patients with co-morbidities in the clinical population with mild to severely compromised immune systems. Normal wound healing proceeds through a well-described process. However, in chronic wounds this process seems to become dysregulated at the transition between resolution of(More)
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