Kathryn L. Carpenter

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It was previously shown that a high plasma concentration of non-esterified fatty acids (NEFA) persisted after a fatty breakfast, but not after an isoenergetic carbohydrate breakfast, adversely affecting glucose tolerance. The higher concentration after the fatty breakfast may in part have been a result of different mobilization rates of fatty acids. This(More)
Clarity of referential looks (either a focus on parent's face or other focus) produced by preschool children with delays of differing etiologies and children without delays was examined. Adults (with and without experience with children with delays) viewed videotaped segments in which children's looks did or did not occur. Adults judged whether a look(More)
The influential competition between verbal and implicit systems (COVIS) model proposes that category learning is driven by two competing neural systems-an explicit, verbal, system, and a procedural-based, implicit, system. In the current fMRI study, participants learned either a conjunctive, rule-based (RB), category structure that is believed to engage the(More)
The idea that there are multiple learning systems has become increasingly influential in recent years, with many studies providing evidence that there is both a quick, similarity-based or feature-based system and a more effortful rule-based system. A smaller number of imaging studies have also examined whether neurally dissociable learning systems are(More)
  • Y.-D Won, D.-S Yoo, +73 authors Ang B T
  • 2016
The impact of ventricular catheter impregnated with antimicrobial agents on infections in patients with ventricular Intracranial pressure and cerebral oxygenation changes after decompressive craniectomy in children with severe traumatic brain injury. . The role of cerebrospinal fluid flow study using phase contrast MR imaging in diagnosing idiopathic normal(More)
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