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BACKGROUND Back pain represents a substantial burden globally, ranking first in a recent assessment among causes of years lived with disability. Though back pain is widely studied among working age adults, there are gaps with respect to basic descriptive epidemiology among seniors, especially in the United States. Our goal was to describe how pain, function(More)
BACKGROUND Back pain is one of the most important causes of functional limitation, disability, and utilization of health care resources for adults of all ages, but especially among older adults. Despite the high prevalence of back pain in this population, important questions remain unanswered regarding the comparative effectiveness of commonly used(More)
Background: In modern epidemiology, risk assessment is a crucial step in diabetes care. Clinic blood pressure reading though is not a good measurement for this purpose since both uncontrolled hypertension and white coat hypertension (WCH) are frequent among patients with diabetes mellitus (DM). Given the problems with clinical application of ambulatory(More)
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