Kathryn J McDonagh

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Hospitals and health systems today are challenged by the lack of consistent workforce planning which has resulted in a significant dearth of effective succession planning strategies and tactics for the executive suite as well as middle management. This article discusses how the healthcare industry lags behind other corporate organizations in creating a(More)
Nurse leaders play a critical role in patient safety. They are essential in building a culture of safety and engineering resilience into workflows and patient care processes enabling healthcare organizations to progress toward high reliability. In part 1 of this 2-part series, the authors discuss the critical nature of a safety culture: why trust and(More)
This article describes the development and evolution of governing boards and summarizes critical findings from a research study on hospital governing boards. The purpose of the research was to examine factors that measure performance of governing boards and the relationship of governing board effectiveness to the organizational performance of hospitals.(More)
Women have had a transformative influence on the health care field as highly effective leaders known to produce superior results. Women make up the vast majority of the health care workforce as well as health care graduates. Women also make most health care decisions on behalf of their families. Yet, despite this omnipresence in health care, there is a(More)