Kathryn J Conrad

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PURPOSE/OBJECTIVES To describe the successful implementation of a centrally designed and managed patient education storyboard project using Microsoft PowerPoint in a large multihospital system and physician-based practice settings. DATA SOURCES Journal articles, project evaluation, and clinical and educational experience. DATA SYNTHESIS The use of(More)
OBJECTIVE To provide a review of the basic concepts and terminology of human genetics, the clinical application and risks of gene therapy, and ethical and societal issues. DATA SOURCES Review articles, research studies, and book chapters related to genetics and human gene therapy. CONCLUSIONS The genetic changes that play a role in the development of(More)
PURPOSE/OBJECTIVES To provide cancer care professionals with insight into available patient education resources related to biotherapy. DATA SOURCES Literature from pharmaceutical companies, national organizations, the National Cancer Institute, and individual cancer centers. DATA SYNTHESIS Comprehensive, but not all-inclusive, list of booklets,(More)
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