Kathryn I. Pollak

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Marriage is a ubiquitous social status that consistently is linked to health. Despite this, there has been very little theory development or related research on the extent to which couple members are jointly motivated to and actively engage in health-enhancing behaviors. In this paper we propose an integrative model, based on interdependence theory and(More)
INTRODUCTION Cancer care involves addressing patient emotion. When patients express negative emotions, empathic opportunities emerge. When oncologists respond with a continuer statement, which is one that offers empathy and allows patients to continue expressing emotions, rather than with a terminator statement, which is one that discourages disclosure,(More)
OBJECTIVES We sought to determine the amount of time required for a primary care physician to provide recommended preventive services to an average patient panel. METHODS We used published and estimated times per service to determine the physician time required to provide all services recommended by the US Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF), at the(More)
When trying to predict breast cancer screening, it may be important to understand the relationships between perceived breast cancer risks and worries about getting breast cancer. This study examines the extent to which women's worries about breast cancer correlate with perceptions of both absolute (assessment of own) and comparative (self versus other)(More)
BACKGROUND This study examines whether adding nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) to cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) for pregnant smokers increases rates of smoking cessation. METHODS An open-label randomized trial (Baby Steps, n=181) of CBT-only versus CBT+NRT (choice of patch, gum, or lozenge; 1:2 randomization) was used. Data were collected from 2003(More)
PURPOSE Despite the availability of national practice guidelines, many patients fail to receive recommended chronic disease care. Physician time constraints in primary care are likely one cause. METHODS We applied guideline recommendations for 10 common chronic diseases to a panel of 2,500 primary care patients with an age-sex distribution and chronic(More)
BACKGROUND This report examines the outcome data for Project PREVENT, a two-site randomized control trial designed to reduce behavioral risk factors for colorectal cancer among individuals who have been diagnosed with adenomatous colon polyps. METHODS The study sample included 1,247 patients with recent diagnosis of adenomatous colorectal polyps. Within 4(More)
BACKGROUND A partner's provision of support and smoking status has been consistently associated with women's likelihood of smoking cessation during pregnancy and relapse in postpartum. DESIGN A three-group randomized controlled intervention trial was conducted in 1996 to 2001, with 583 women and their partners randomized to usual care (UC), woman-only(More)
BACKGROUND Physicians are encouraged to counsel overweight and obese patients to lose weight. PURPOSE It was examined whether discussing weight and use of motivational interviewing techniques (e.g., collaborating, reflective listening) while discussing weight predicted weight loss 3 months after the encounter. METHODS Forty primary care physicians and(More)
The manuscript examines the influence of contextual factors on whether and for whom a colon polyp diagnosis might be a teachable moment, as indicated by engagement with a proactively delivered intervention. Baseline and 8-month follow-up data were analyzed from a two-site behavioral intervention trial with patients in Massachusetts and North Carolina, USA(More)