Kathryn Glassberg

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Patients with Parkinson's disease (PD) may have hippocampal atrophy compared with controls. We compared hippocampal, and extra-hippocampal volumes between PD, PDD (patients with PD who have mild cognitive impairment or dementia), Alzheimer's disease (AD) and controls using volumetric magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Participants (10 patients with PD, 10(More)
The genome of the genus B entomopoxvirus from Amsacta moorei (AmEPV) was sequenced and found to contain 232,392 bases with 279 unique open reading frames (ORFs) of greater than 60 amino acids. The central core of the viral chromosome is flanked by 9.4-kb inverted terminal repeats (ITRs), each of which contains 13 ORFs, raising the total number of ORFs(More)
We reviewed the long-term outcome of 25 boys born with posterior urethral valves who were followed longitudinally. Patient age at diagnosis varied from 7 months intrauterine to 7 years postnatal, and the mean duration of followup was 9 years. Of the children 40 per cent had retardation of growth by the end of the followup period and 44 per cent had end(More)
Near-complete traumatic hemipelvectomy probably carries an extremely high mortality rate. The usual techniques which have been used to control major hemorrhage associated with pelvic fractures such as transperitoneal vascular ligation, intra-arterial embolization, and packing are not applicable (14). Successful management requires prompt recognition of the(More)
Newborn male fraternal twins presented at 10 days of age with bilateral flank masses; intravenous urograms showed polycystic kidney disease. Both babies also had hypertrophic pyloric stenosis (HPS). Their father has radiographic and sonographic findings of previously unsuspected polycystic kidneys and has a history of HPS in infancy. The association of(More)
The importance of making an early diagnosis of intermittent testicular torsion cannot be over-emphasized. We report on 3 patients with recurrent episodes of severe testicular pain but who were pain-free at evaluation. All 3 patients were found to have a horizontal lie of the symptomatic testicle and a normal vertical axis in the contralateral asymptomatic(More)
A diagnosis of androgen receptor deficiency was made in a male with ambiguous genitalia during the neonatal period. Since the neonate had a small hypospadiac phallus with laboratory evidence of a receptor deficiency and clinical unresponsiveness to high levels of androgen, it was decided to assign a female gender. Bilateral orchiectomy and phallic recession(More)
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