Kathryn Fischer

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β-carotene, the most active provitamin A molecule produced by plants, plays important roles in human nutrition and health. β-carotene does not usually accumulate in the endosperm (i.e. flour) of mature wheat grains, which is a major food source of calories for humans. Therefore, enriching β-carotene accumulation in wheat grain endosperm will enable a(More)
This study examined whether dysphoria influences the identification of non-ambiguous and ambiguous facial expressions of emotion. Dysphoric and non-dysphoric college students viewed a series of human faces expressing sadness, happiness, anger, and fear that were morphed with each other to varying degrees. Dysphoric and non-dysphoric individuals identified(More)
Studies have found that individuals with bulimia nervosa can be classified into dietary and dietary-negative affect subtypes and that the latter exhibit greater eating pathology, psychiatric comorbidity, and functional impairment; a more protracted clinical course; and a worse treatment response. In this report, the authors describe 2 prospective studies(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the association between provider communication and actual maternal pushing behavior in second-stage labor and to test differences in length of second stage and total maternal pushing time by maternal pushing behavior. DESIGN Descriptive. SETTING Midwest hospital birth unit. PARTICIPANTS Twenty primigravidas who gave birth(More)
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