Kathryn F Murphy

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The unique thermal transport of insulating nanostructures is attributed to the convergence of material length scales with the mean free paths of quantized lattice vibrations known as phonons, enabling promising next-generation thermal transistors, thermal barriers, and thermoelectrics. Apart from size, strain and defects are also known to drastically affect(More)
The influence of the experimental boundary conditions used for tensile testing of individual nanowires on the measured apparent mechanical response is reported. Using a microelectromechanical platform designed for in situ tensile testing, in combination with digital image correlation of sequences of scanning electron microscope images, the mechanical(More)
We present a novel experimental method for quantitatively characterizing the temperature-dependent mechanical behavior of individual nanostructures during uniaxial straining. By combining a microelectromechanical tensile testing device with a low thermal mass and digital image correlation providing nm-level displacement resolution, we show successful(More)
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