Kathryn E Toghill

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The ageing behaviour of electric double layer (EDLC) supercapacitors during over-temperature and over-voltage stresses is described. Specific experimental tests were carried out in order to reproduce, under laboratory controlled conditions, the above-mentioned stresses. The obtained results are discussed and interpreted to define indicators that distinguish(More)
— This paper focuses on the description of the behavior of supercapacitors during over-temperature and over-voltage stresses and the consequent ageing processes. Specific physical evidences supporting the explanation of the experimental findings are provided and discussed in the paper. A method to distinguish between over-temperature and over-voltage(More)
Social, economic, and political pressures are causing a shift in the global energy mix, with a preference toward renewable energy sources. In order to realize widespread implementation of these resources, large-scale storage of renewable energy is needed. Among the proposed energy storage technologies, redox flow batteries offer many unique advantages. The(More)
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