Kathryn D Arnett

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In a double-blind study, sera of 34 patients with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), 19 patients with lymphadenopathy syndrome, and 14 homosexual men with an increased risk of AIDS were screened for antibodies to proteins of the novel human T-lymphotropic retrovirus (leukaemia virus), HTLV-III, recently isolated from cultured T cells of AIDS(More)
BACKGROUND Cerebrovascular disease (stroke) is the second most common cause of death and among the top five causes of morbidity in many developed and developing countries. The aim of this study was to investigate patterns of increase and decrease in stroke mortality in 48 different countries. METHODS The mortality curves of stroke for 48 countries that(More)
Low birthweight Low birthweight (less than 2,500 grams) has been identified as an important factor impacting on child survival and can affect perinatal mortality, infant mortality, and development of chronic diseases in later life. Preterm birth (<37 weeks) or restricted foetal growth can result in a low birthweight birth. Accordingly, a key performance(More)
A review of the most current substance use disorder (SUD) treatment/care literature best practices, suggests implementation of user-involvement/oriented models of care results in successful care outcomes. User-involvement models of care are (1) person-centred, (2) demonstrate a patient/person participation approach, (3) apply shared decision-making, and (4)(More)
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