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Recent research has pointed to the importance of cognitive activity in interfering with sleep, and suggested a close relationship between worry and insomnia. To explore the relationship between worry and insomnia in more detail, a sample was studied in which worry and insomnia were combined in a 2 x 2 design. The content of sleep-interfering cognitions was(More)
The immediate serial recall of lipread material is disrupted by irrelevant speech (Campbell & Dodd, 1984; Jones, 1994) and by articulatory suppression (Campbell & Dodd, 1984). However, the interaction between these has not been directly examined. In Exp 1, participants recalled silently presented lipread digits in conditions of quiet, irrelevant speech,(More)
Research into sleep problems has been dominated by a number of theoretical perspectives from each of which useful treatment applications have been derived. However, the rich diversity of problems that are subsumed under insomnia or sleep disturbance often remain unappreciated. This paper reports the results of a factor analysis performed on the combined(More)
The prominence of intrusive thoughts in insomnia suggests the relevance of cognitive techniques to control them. It is suggested that the technique of Articulatory Suppression derived from Baddeley's model of Working Memory provides a relevant approach. The technique is presented as it was developed with a preliminary uncontrolled case series. A single-case(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the comparative efficacy and safety of antithrombotic treatments (apixaban, dabigatran, edoxaban, rivaroxaban and vitamin K antagonists (VKA) at a standard adjusted dose (target international normalised ratio 2.0-3.0), acetylsalicylic acid (ASA), ASA and clopidogrel) for non-valvular atrial fibrillation and among subpopulations. (More)
INTRODUCTION Tobacco smoking claims 700,000 lives every year in Europe and the cost of tobacco smoking in the EU is estimated between €98 and €130 billion annually; direct medical care costs and indirect costs such as workday losses each represent half of this amount. Policymakers all across Europe are in need of bespoke information on the economic and(More)
A brief advance of the presentation of distant nontargets has previously been shown to secure them an analysis, suggesting that even stimuli beyond the putative 'spotlight' of attention are analysed. In the present experiment nontargets were presented near to fixation or peripherally (at 0.6 or 1.9 deg of visual angle) for a duration of 17, 33, or 67 ms(More)
An experiment was conducted on recall bias between words relating to stimulus and response aspects of spider phobia. In contrast to the experiment of Watts & Coyle (1992) mixed lists were used. Whereas Watts & Coyle had found no bias of phobics between stimulus and response words, the present experiment found that phobics were relatively impaired in the(More)
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