Kathryn C. Rose

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An International Polar Year aerogeophysical investigation of the high interior of East Antarctica reveals widespread freeze-on that drives substantial mass redistribution at the bottom of the ice sheet. Although the surface accumulation of snow remains the primary mechanism for ice sheet growth, beneath Dome A, 24% of the base by area is frozen-on ice. In(More)
1 associated with rapid climate change. Abstract 12 Recent research has raised concerns about the potential influence of rapid climate change 13 on the stability of major ice sheets. The behaviour of glaciers is determined largely by the 14 processes and conditions operating at their base. Technological advances have enabled 15 these factors to be examined(More)
BACKGROUND This study investigates the relationship between neighbourhood characteristics and mortality (all-cause, cardiovascular disease [CVD], and cancer) in the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities Study (ARIC). METHODS Analysis was limited to African-American and white participants 45-64 years of age at baseline whose records were linked to census(More)
Four experiments demonstrated that adults can reliably remember frequency of occurrence information about items they have been exposed to under truly incidental memory conditions. Subjects neither knew that the ultimate test task would concern item frequency nor that they had any reason to remember the items. This was accomplished by presenting items under(More)
In three experiments we explored the relation between normal variation in depressed mood and memory in college students. Subjects read and subsequently recalled stories whose protagonists experienced good, bad, and neutral events. Contrary to predictions arising independently from capacity theory and from schema theory, the recall of depressed and(More)
While on their winter breeding grounds, male humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) produce long sequences of structured vocalizations called song, whose function within the mating system is still unresolved. Here we ask which males sing. Is it only those sexually mature, as typifies songbirds and some lekking ungulates in which vocalizations during the(More)
Purpose To investigate the effects of an 8-week meditation program on perceived stress, sleep, mood, sympathetic activation and memory function in adults with cognitive impairment and their caregivers. Methods Six community-dwelling adults with an established diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment or early stage Alzheimer's disease (4 women, 2 men),(More)
This paper introduces a new way to investigate in situ processes, the wireless multi-sensor probe, as part of an environmental sensor network. Instruments are housed within a 'probe' which can move freely and so behave like a clast. These were deployed in the ice and till at Briksdalsbreen, Norway. The sensors measure temperature, resistivity, case stress,(More)
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