Kathryn C. Gerken

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Recommended Citation Briggs, Candyce Rose. "The relationship between the outcomes for children placed in teaching family homes and the race/ethnicity of their caregivers. ABSTRACT It is essential that research be conducted regarding both the needs of and the outcomes for children placed outside of their biological homes. According to AFCARS Health and Human(More)
1 ABSTRACT The primary purpose of the current study was to determine which variables influence or change response allocation among mand topographies. The variables evaluated consisted of response effort, schedule of reinforcement (extinction), changes in concurrent schedules arrangements, and availability of visual stimuli (i.e., a communication card). The(More)
Given the change in federal legislation allowing the consideration of a Response-To-Intervention (RTI) approach to making eligibility decisions for specific learning disabilities (IDEIA, 2004), it is crucial to establish sufficient evidence for using curriculum-based measurements (CBM) or CBM-like measures (e.g., Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy(More)
To those who tell me what I need to hear, not what I want to hear. Thank you for pushing me to excel. ii ACKNOWLEDGMENTS A wise man once said, " Remember, baseline does not predict post. " I feel as if I need to begin to acknowledge my family, friends, mentors, and colleagues with this statement since it has propelled me through thick and thin up until this(More)
Recommended Citation Parker, Mashone Nicole. "Low-income black parents' perceptions of familial acculturation processes during urban to college town transitions. ii To my loving parents, Debra Parker and Rick Diggs, without you, I would not be the person I am today. You have taught me what I needed to know about life, and whatever you were unable to teach(More)
Elopement is a potentially dangerous behavior that can result in accidental injury or death. Assessment and treatment of elopement in children has most frequently been examined using behavioral approaches. Most of these evaluations have typically been conducted in settings where assessment and treatment occurred over extended periods of time (such as(More)
ii ABSTRACT The purpose of this study was to determine the validity of the Iowa Sex Offender Risk Assessment (ISORA) instrument used in the Iowa Department of Corrections to assess for future occurrences of female offender recidivism. Using a sample of 105 females convicted of a sexual offense in the State of Iowa, the current study examined rates of(More)
Recommended Citation Yang, Lingyan. "The impact of home spoken language on learning to read Chinese: comparing Mandarin monolingual children and dialect-speaking children in mainland China. 1 ABSTRACT The primary goal of the current study was to investigate the impact of different first language backgrounds on early Chinese reading development by comparing(More)