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he Diabetes Care and Education Dietetic Practice Group (DCE DPG) of the American Dietetic ssociation (ADA), under the guidance f the ADA Quality Management ommittee and Scope of Dietetics ractice Framework Sub-Committee, as revised the Standards of Practice SOP) and Standards of Professional erformance (SOPP) for registered ietitians (RDs) in diabetes care(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of diabetes self-management education or training provided by diabetes educators in reducing complications and improving quality of life. METHODS Commercial and Medicare payer-derived claims data were used to assess the relationship between DSME/T and cost. Unlike the prior study that(More)
Serial murderers have attracted considerable attention in the popular press and criminal justice field, but scientific literature about these individuals is limited. This article provides an overview, from a psychiatric perspective, of serial sexual homicide, one type of serial killing. Characteristics of this type of murder and of these offenders are(More)
Child sexual abuse has received growing attention in recent years, and the topic continues to spark controversy among mental health and legal professionals as well as in the popular media. This paper will review the concept of child sexual abuse, cover relevant definitions, address the clinician's role, and then will address the principal evolving and(More)
In 1972, the University of Minnesota, the Minnesota Dental Association, and the State Board of Dentistry implemented a program known as the Dental Information Service Center. An important component of this effort was a set of computerized programs aimed at facilitating placement of recent graduates of the University's dental school. Although use of the(More)
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