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2Alicia Martin
2Annemarie Lee
2Rebecca Ndongo
2Claire Boote
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Research has demonstrated that individuals who routinely engage in complex visuospatial tasks (e.g., radar operators) show an enhanced ability to track multiple randomly moving targets. This study examined tracking expertise using members of a University Officer Training Corps (OTCs) who regularly engage in tasks requiring good dynamic spatial cognition. As(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the inter-rater and intra-rater reliability of the hand held dynamometer in measuring muscle strength in people with interstitial lung disease (ILD). DESIGN Test retest reliability of hand-held dynamometry for elbow flexor and knee extensor strength between two independent raters and two testing sessions. SETTING Physiotherapy(More)
Production of coral reef habitat maps from high spatial resolution multispectral imagery is common practice and benefits from standardized accuracy assessment methods and many informative studies on the merits of different processing algorithms. However, few studies consider the full production workflow, including factors such as operator influence, visual(More)
BACKGROUND Interstitial lung disease encompasses a diverse group of chronic lung conditions characterised by distressing dyspnoea, fatigue, reduced exercise tolerance and poor health-related quality of life. Exercise training is one of the few treatments to induce positive changes in exercise tolerance and symptoms, however there is marked variability in(More)
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