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Discovering the Benefits of Group Peer Review of Submitted Manuscripts
Abstract Problem: Traditionally, journal editors expect individuals to complete peer reviews of submitted manuscripts on their own. Recently, a number of editors of health sciences journals haveExpand
Textual Transmission And Pictorial Transformations: The Post-Crusade Image Of The Dome Of The Rock In Italy
For many historians, the story of Italy's relation to the Dome of the Rock only begins in the late fifteenth century, with the printing of illustrated guidebooks. In particular, the eyewitnessExpand
Seeing through text: the visualization of Holy Land architecture in Niccolò da Poggibonsi's Libro d'oltramare, 14th–15th centuries
Introduction Although pilgrimage manuscripts provide invaluable information about how knowledge of the architecture of the Holy Land was transmitted to Italy, their significance tends to beExpand
Adomnán’s On the Holy Places: Pilgrimage Manuscripts and Architectural Translation from Jerusalem to Europe
This essay explores the most significant set of ground-plans to survive from medieval Europe in order to consider the role of architectural drawings as objects of translation. The architectural dra...
A Process and Rubric for a Group to Review the Quality of a Medical Education Course/Clerkship
Introduction Reviewing elements of a curriculum, such as courses and clerkships in medical school, is an essential part of the quality improvement process. Yet there is a gap in the literature inExpand
Impact of the Xenopus system on the missions of the NEI
Xenopus has been a classic model system for eye and vision research due to the ease of embryological analysis and manipulation. For example, fundamental insights into retino-tectal connectivityExpand
The Disappearance of an Author and the Emergence of a Genre: Niccolò da Poggibonsi and Pilgrimage Guidebooks between Manuscript and Print*
While the anonymous Viaggio da Venetia al Sancto Sepolchro et al Monte Sinai, first published in Venice in 1518, was the most popular Holy Land guidebook in Renaissance Italy, the historical originsExpand