Kathryn A. Sexton

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This study examined the factor structure of the English version of the Intolerance of Uncertainty Scale (IUS; French version: M. H. Freeston, J. Rhéaume, H. Letarte, M. J. Dugas, & R. Ladouceur, 1994; English version: K. Buhr & M. J. Dugas, 2002) using a substantially larger sample than has been used in previous studies. Nonclinical undergraduate students(More)
This study investigated the psychometric properties of the Cognitive Avoidance Questionnaire (CAQ; Gosselin, P., Langlois, F., Freeston, M. H., Ladouceur, R., Dugas, M. J., & Pelletier, O. (2002). Le Questionnaire d'évitement cognitif (QEC): Développement et validation auprès d'adultes et d'adolescents [The Cognitive Avoidance Questionnaire (CAQ):(More)
The main goal of this study was to examine the effect of written exposure on generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)-related symptoms in high worriers. Thirty nonclinical high worriers were randomly assigned to either a written exposure condition or a control writing condition. Self-report measures were used to assess worry, GAD somatic symptoms, depression, and(More)
This study is an exploration of factors that may be contributing to cognitive avoidance, a proposed maintaining factor in worry and generalized anxiety disorder (Borkovec et al., in Heimberg et al. (Eds.), Generalized anxiety disorder: Advances in research and practice, 2004; Dugas et al., Behav Res Ther 36: 215–226, 1998). Two sets of worry-related(More)
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