Kathryn A Schallhorn

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Human exposure to sunlight promotes the formation of pre-vitamin D in the skin. Low or marginal levels of vitamin D has been linked to a wide range of human health outcomes, including the development of various types of cancer. However, few data exist on the actual exposure to human due to vitamin D producing ultraviolet radiation. Most studies of human(More)
Endonuclease V (endo V) recognizes and cleaves deoxyinosine in deaminated DNA. These enzymatic activities are precursors of DNA repair and are fueled by metal ions such as Ca2+ and Mg2+, with the former being associated with protein binding and the latter with DNA cleavage. Using the technique of fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET), we determined(More)
The structural damage of double-stranded DNA under UV radiation was examined using single-molecule fluorescence microscopy. Compared to undamaged DNA, the diffusion coefficient of lambda-DNA was significantly increased with 12 min or 20 min of radiation but remained unchanged for 40 min of exposure possibly due to strand crosslinking. The structural damage(More)
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