Kathryn A Patterson

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This qualitative study explores how risk is determined by black women during pregnancy. A total of 17 women were assessed for risk; 7 were at risk for preterm birth, and 10 were not at risk. These women were interviewed by using an open-ended interview guide. The transcribed interviews were analyzed by using grounded theory. Risk was defined by the(More)
This new textbook provides a quick reference of common obstetric and gynecologic conditions for mid-level practitioners and medical students. The material covered in this textbook is well organized, conventional, and divided into seven parts. Each part provides a brief overview of relevant topics. The incidence of each condition receives emphasis, with a(More)
The outcome of teenage pregnancy when managed in a specialized antenatal program resembles the patterns associated with young adults rather than the outcomes of teenagers in a general clinic. Based on a recent University of California study, this seems to result from three major factors: early prenatal care, nursing management in primary care, and special(More)
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