Kathryn A McMenimen

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The N -methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptor plays a central role in learning and memory in the mammalian CNS. At normal neuronal resting membrane potentials, the pore of this glutamate-gated ion channel is blocked by a Mg(2+) ion. Previous work suggests that the Mg(2+) binding site is quite novel, involving several asparagine residues and a cation-pi(More)
Cataracts reduce vision in 50% of individuals over 70 years of age and are a common form of blindness worldwide. Cataracts are caused when damage to the major lens crystallin proteins causes their misfolding and aggregation into insoluble amyloids. Using a thermal stability assay, we identified a class of molecules that bind α-crystallins (cryAA and cryAB)(More)
A protein's function is determined by the wide range of motions exhibited by its 3D structure. However, current experimental techniques are not able to reliably provide the level of detail required for elucidating the exact mechanisms of protein motion essential for effective drug screening and design. Computational tools are instrumental in the study of(More)
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