Kathryn A. Douglas

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The organs, tissues, and cells of the lymphoreticular system have received considerable attention as targets for chemicals causing adverse effects. A basic toxicological approach is described for assessing the risk of a chemical perturbing the immune system. CD-1 mice were exposed for 14 or 90 days to one of several chlorinated hydrocarbons:(More)
This study analyzed data from the 1995 National College Health Risk Behavior Survey (NCHRBS) to assess the prevalence of lifetime rape among female college students and to examine the association between rape and health-risk behaviors. The NCHRBS used a mail questionnaire to assess health-risk behaviors among a nationally representative sample of(More)
Chloral hydrate has been found in our drinking water supplies at levels up to 5 micrograms/1. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the functional status of the immune system in random-bred CD-1 mice exposed to chloral hydrate for 14 and 90 days. Male mice, following 14 or 90 days of exposure to 1/10 and 1/100 the actual oral LD50, exhibited no(More)
Chloral hydrate has been found in our drinking water supplies at levels up to 5 micrograms/1. The purpose of this study was to evalute the acute and subchronic toxicology of chloral hydrate in the random-bred CD-1 mouse, to provide data for risk assessment. The acute oral LD50 of this compound was 1442 and 1265 mg/kg in male and female mice, respectively.(More)
A survey of the Milky Way disk and the Magellanic System at the wavelengths of the 21-cm atomic hydrogen (H i) line and three 18-cm lines of the OH molecule will be carried out with the Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder * Hubble Fellow. 2 Dickey et al. telescope. The survey will study the distribution of H i emission and absorption with(More)
  • M E Putman, J E G Peek, A Muratov, O Y Gnedin, W Hsu, K A Douglas +4 others
  • 2009
The disruption of the M33 galaxy is evident from its extended gaseous structure. We present new data from the Galactic Arecibo L-Band Feed Array HI (GALFA-HI) Survey that show the full extent and detailed spatial and kine-matic structure of M33's neutral hydrogen. Over 18% of the HI mass of M33 (M HItot = 1.4 × 10 9 M ⊙) is found beyond the star forming(More)
The goal of this paper is twofold, propose and explore a model to study the synchronization among populations in the canonical model of the neocortex proposed previously by [R. A functional microcircuit for cat visual cortex. J. Physiol. 440(1991) 735–769]. For this, a model describing m N synapses of each m-population () 1, 2,3 m = is proposed. Each(More)
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