Kathrin Weiss

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Metabolism of vitamin E is initiated by cytochrome P450 (CYP) enzymes usually involved in the metabolism of xenobiotics. Like other CYP substrates, vitamin E induced a reporter gene under the control of the pregnane X receptor (PXR) which regulates the expression of CYPs including CYP3A4. gamma-Tocotrienol, the most effective PXR activator, also induced(More)
Nuclear hormone receptors are transcription factors that can be activated by nutrition-derived ligands and alter the expression of various specific target genes. Stearoyl-Coenzyme A desaturase (SCD1) converts palmitic acid (16:0) to palmitoleic acid (16:1n-7) as well as stearic acid (18:0) to oleic acid (18:1n-9). At the same time, elongase 6 (ELOVL6)(More)
Retinoid-X receptor (RXR)- and retinoic acid receptor (RAR)-mediated signaling is induced by retinoic acids (RA), which are involved in the regulation of skin permeability, differentiation and immune response. Dysregulation of retinoid signaling is present in various skin disorders. Topically and systemically administered synthetic RAR or RXR agonists might(More)
Dietary fat and vitamin A provide important precursors for potent bioactive ligands of nuclear hormone receptors, which regulate various enzymes involved in lipid homeostasis, metabolism and inflammation. We determined the effects of dietary fat and dietary vitamin A on hepatic expression of two fatty acid metabolizing enzymes, elongase 6 (ELOVL6) and(More)
P44 Expectancy did not predict treatment response in a randomised sham-controlled trial of acupuncture for menopausal hot flushes Carolyn Ee, Sharmala Thuraisingam, Marie Pirotta, Simon French, Charlie Xue, Helena Teede 1 National Institute of Complementary Medicine, Western Sydney University, Sydney, Australia; 2 Department of General Practice, University(More)