Kathrin Weber

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BACKGROUND Recent studies have demonstrated that a molecular subtype of glioblastoma is characterized by overexpression of extracellular matrix (ECM)/mesenchymal components and shorter survival. Specifically, gene expression profiling studies revealed that matrix gla protein (MGP), whose function has traditionally been linked to inhibition of calcification(More)
BAK activation represents a key step during apoptosis, but how it converts into a mitochondria-permeabilizing pore remains unclear. By further delineating the structural rearrangements involved, we reveal that BAK activation progresses through a series of independent steps: BH3-domain exposure, N-terminal change, oligomerization, and membrane insertion.(More)
  • Lidia Daszkiewicz, Cristina Vázquez-Mateo, Gorjana Rackov, André Ballesteros-Tato, Kathrin Weber, Adrián Madrigal-Avilés +7 others
  • 2015
Self/non-self discrimination characterizes immunity and allows responses against pathogens but not self-antigens. Understanding the principles that govern this process is essential for designing autoimmunity treatments. p21 is thought to attenuate autoreactivity by limiting T cell expansion. Here, we provide direct evidence for a p21 role in controlling(More)
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