Kathrin Weber

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BACKGROUND Recent studies have demonstrated that a molecular subtype of glioblastoma is characterized by overexpression of extracellular matrix (ECM)/mesenchymal components and shorter survival. Specifically, gene expression profiling studies revealed that matrix gla protein (MGP), whose function has traditionally been linked to inhibition of calcification(More)
BAK activation represents a key step during apoptosis, but how it converts into a mitochondria-permeabilizing pore remains unclear. By further delineating the structural rearrangements involved, we reveal that BAK activation progresses through a series of independent steps: BH3-domain exposure, N-terminal change, oligomerization, and membrane insertion.(More)
Side population (SP) cells identified using the Hoechst 33342 fluorescent dye efflux technique overlap with the tumor stem cell fraction that is responsible for tumorigenesis and recurrence in malignant gliomas. Because diffuse invasion of glioma cells represents the main obstacle to successful therapy and underlies recurrence, we examined the existence of(More)
Self/non-self discrimination characterizes immunity and allows responses against pathogens but not self-antigens. Understanding the principles that govern this process is essential for designing autoimmunity treatments. p21 is thought to attenuate autoreactivity by limiting T cell expansion. Here, we provide direct evidence for a p21 role in controlling(More)
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