Kathrin Thaler

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We describe the first steps in the development of a wearable measurement device for measuring a subject's three-dimensional acceleration. The ultimate aim is a standard measurement instrument integrated in a belt buckle that allows objective evaluation of treatment and rehabilitation measures in patients, in particular for disabling chronic diseases such as(More)
Pervasive Computing is developing fast and is presenting new opportunities for medical care. Unfortunately, technology selection and adoption in the healthcare sector and by physicians is typically an intricate process. Exemplified by Multiple Sclerosis (MS) this paper describes the assessment of a dedicated PC technology with respect to medical usefulness(More)
Ground spiders on a cultivated field near Groβenzersdorf (Lower Austria) in the winter months 322 adult spiders caught with pitfall traps on a field near Groβenzersdorf in the period 3. X 1973–5. III 1974 showed: Erigonidae, Linyphiidae,Pachygnatha (Tetragnathinadae) are dominating. 19 spp. have been recognized, most of them being already known as(More)
Visible persistence refers to the continuation of visual perception after the physical termination of a stimulus. We studied an extreme case of visible persistence by presenting two matrices of randomly distributed black and white pixels in succession. On the transition from one matrix to the second, the luminance polarity of all pixels within a disk- or(More)
Macroarthropods from a montane meadow near Innsbruck (Austria) Composition and variation in dominance of macro-arthropods inhabiting a montane meadow near Innsbruck (Rinn 900 m) are described from collections by pitfall traps and by water traps from March-October 1975. Abundance is highest near the ground for most groups, only Diptera showing maximum(More)
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